Vertical Hospitality Advisors.

Food & Beverage Consulting

At KAM Hospitality, we’re more than just consultants – we’re vertical restaurant developers. With a holistic approach to restaurant and hospitality management, we cover every aspect, from lease negotiation to labor and laundry. From our early days as the founders of Great American Health Bar, we draw upon over forty years of industry expertise, delivering a vertical integration that sets us apart, ensuring your F&B ventures reach new levels of success.

Concept & Chef Sourcing

Discover the art of culinary innovation with our restaurant concept and chef sourcing services. We specialize in curating unique concepts and partnering with top-tier chefs to bring your culinary vision to life. From conceptualization to execution, we ensure every aspect of your F&B offerings reflects excellence and creativity. Our relationships with marquis chef brands include Chef David Burke, Charlie Palmer, and more.

Strategic Food & Beverage Partnerships

Discover new strategic partnerships with KAM Hospitality’s invaluable insights and food and beverage consulting. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, we provide invaluable resources and guidance to maximize the success of your F&B ventures. Whether you’re a fast casual or fine dining restaurant, hotel, or catering service, we’re here to help you thrive.