Since 1984, KAM Hospitality has provided high-quality parking, outsourced labor, food and beverage brokerage, and laundry services to hotels, restaurants, and developers in the New York City metro area. More than 70 New York hotels depend on us to meet their needs for consistent quality in these key service areas.

KAM Hospitality clients come to us for vendors that deliver consistent service and can be counted on for fast, seamless, reliable resolutions when challenges inevitably arise. Our carefully vetted business partners demonstrate excellence in service delivery with integrated quality controls. We satisfy your client needs and take the stresses off your middle management. Our services help assure positive reviews, ratings, and scores.

The level of customer service KAM Hospitality provides makes us one of the top hospitality companies in and around New York.

Our clients say…

The service they provide allows our front door staff and management team to focus on their jobs.

I like working with KAM Hospitality on our parking needs because we get excellent service and a competitive financial agreement. Ed and his team are super responsive to our needs and that of our customers. If an issue does arise as will happen with our volume the KAM team is quick to respond and take care of our mutual customer. Ed and The Kam Team are efficient and understand that the guests want immediate resolution and seamless experience.